Waterstruck Brick

Water-struck Brick has become symbolic of the mindset and cultural fabric of New England: hard, somewhat irregular in appearance, steadfast but unpredictable, and stubbornly able to withstand adversity and thrive in a hostile physical climate. First fired in the 17th century in Medford, Massachusetts, from clay from the Mystic River flats, water-struck brick was the essential building block of Georgian New England and remains the choice for institutions and individuals seeking links to the great tradition of building in that part of the world.  

  • David N. Fixler, AIA, LEED

Modular Size Waterstruck

(3⅝ x 2¼ x 7⅝”) & (3⅝ x 2⅛ x 7⅝”)

Colony Red Waterstruck
Light Flash Waterstruck
College Blend Waterstruck
Blackstone Range Waterstruck
Brownstone Blend Waterstruck
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Norman Size Waterstruck

3 5/8 x 2 1/4 x 11 5/8

Additional Ranges Coming Soon
Norman Full Range
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Roman Size Waterstruck

3 5/8 x 1 5/8 x 11 5/8

Roman Full Range
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Additional Ranges Coming Soon
Restoration Size Waterstruck

3 5/8 x 1 7/8 x 7 5/8

Restoration 3⅝ x 1⅞ x 7⅝
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Extruded Brick

Extrusion is the most common brick manufacturing process used today. Extruded brick are created when clay or shale is augured in a vacuum and forced through a rectangular die under pressure. 


Prior to firing in a kiln, extruded brick can be smooth or textured in non-repeating degrees of roughness. This type of our brick allows designers the flexibility to create a wide variety of sizes, textures and colors to use in near infinite combination. 


Extruded Brick is generally more uniform in dimension than moulded brick. It performs well in designs requiring more precise tolerances such as stack bonds. For decades, Morin brick has utilized the extrusion manufacturing process to provide a variety of texture choices and color combinations suitable to most design requirements. 



Modular – (3⅝ x 2¼ x 7⅝”)

Standard Modular – (3⅝ x 2¼ x 8”)

Renovation Modular – (3⅝ x 2⅛ x 7⅝”)

Renovation Standard – (3⅝ x 2⅛ x 8”)

Engineer (Jumbo Modular) – (3⅝ x 2¾ x7⅝”)

Econo Modular – (3⅝ x 3⅝ x 7⅝”)

Academy Smooth Series
Academy Smooth Red Range
Academy Smooth Common Set Range
Academy Smooth Full Range
Academy Smooth Narrow Flash Range
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Old Port Series
Old Port Red Range
Old Port Blend Millyard Common Set Range
Old Port Blend Flashed Common Set Range
Old Port Blend Narrow Flashed Range
Old Port Blend Full Range
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Royal River Series
Royal River Red Range
Royal River Narrow Flash Range, NB
Royal River Full Range
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Brushed Velour Series
Brushed Velour Narrow Flash Range
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Matte Series
Camden Red Matte
Danville Narrow Flashed Range Matte
Danville Full Range Matte
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Woodland Brown Collection
Woodland Brown Smooth Narrow Flash Range
Woodland Brown Smooth Flashed Common Set Range
Woodland Brown Brushed Velour Narrow Flashed Range
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Paving Brick

Waterstruck Pavers

The paving brick made from our local clays—whether extruded (wirecut textured) or molded (waterstruck)—has added durable form, function and distinction to countless patios, walkways, plazas and streetscapes throughout the Northeast.


Our pavers offer both durability and permanence of color. Many applications have endured decades of use, with little or no maintenance. Morin clay pavers are the right choice for any indoor or outdoor pedestrian and light vehicular traffic surface.

Extruded Pavers
Flashed Waterstuck Paver
Red Waterstruck Paver
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Artisan Flashed Paver
Artisan Red Paver
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